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I've always been open to the use of social networks to share projects, ideas and projects. LinkedIn I saving links and news of my recent work, my interests, visual projects and proposals. I do a more professional and covers my needs of international communication.

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I was born in the city of Eivissa, 2 February 1950, and I graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. I was helping the North American artist Gordon Maca-relli. Later, I studied film at the School of Barcelona Independent Film (Eixalà). As a result of these studies I directed the documentary film of the time underground Catalan, with Francesc Juan  Amen Romani 1/1970 / Amen Romaní 2/1970. and then I apply the film in the classroom, in fact, my first job was as a film teacher at the Institute Pau Vila of Sabadel (Catalonia). I was Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Eivissa (Ibiza) in 1976, with Rafel Tur Costa and Leopoldo Irriguible. I have been a teacher of drawing and Permanent Professor of Drawing at various institutes and especially the Tres Turons Institute of Arenys de Mar. Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona with the thesis: Theoretical and practical contributions on versatility, modular development and location. As a result of the study of modular forms I made inroads into the field of sculpture, how Come for example, pink winds, commissioned by the Marina Boix friend for input your campsite. Some time ago I, as a teacher, the painting section of the Aula Cultural of the City of Arenys de Munt. Art is my passion, a passion that I want to return soon to develop the proper intensity.   ,    i        pertanyen a Pere Planells i Bonet, amb seu al carrer Ample, 3B, 1r, 08350, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.